Configure DOSBox to run at max cycles to prevent lag

By atari2.0atari2.0. Last updated

Set your CPU cycles in DOSbox to 100% for best performance. This game is RTA which means you'll have to deal with any slowness incurred by not following these instructions!


For Windows users, you can find dosbox-0.74.conf in C:\Users\<your Windows login>\AppData\Local\DOSBox

Open the file in a text editor, and find the line that starts with "cycles=". Change it to "cycles=max".

Now anytime you launch it will say in the titlebar that cycles are at 100%.

Now extract the contents of the CC game zip file to any directory of a PC you like.

YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THOSE STEPS ONCE =) However, you must do the following any time you want to play:

Assuming you already have DOSbox open:

In DOSbox, choose a letter (I use "C" just because). Type "mount C <full directory of the folder containing the files you just unzipped>".

For example, I keep my CC1.exe and such in "C:\dos", so I would write "mount C C:\dos".

Then just type "C:\" to load your folder.

Then just type "cc1", "cc2", or "cc3" to run whichever.