Pokemon Crystal Clear (v2.3) Glitchless Any% Guide

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1. Start Goldrenrod city, name yourself one character

2. Select seel as starter, nickname one character

3. Opening menu once in game: call pokemon league to disable them, TS: NONE, BA: OFF, AS: NO. Sound: MONO. AR: OFF, FT: 1, MA: ON; Menu pg 2.: Encount: FAST, NURSE: Quick, Continue: Quick, Gear Color: Red, Last Flown: Save

4. Get Kenya, put Kenya first in party, take NMI off seel


6. MART SELL POTION & NMI ---- BUY: x3 Great Balls, x3 Escape R, x9 super repels;

7. Fly to Cerulean City; Go towards Cerulean Cave (left) before trainer surf and repel and enter cave and save game

8. Run back and forth until a Dodrio is encountered, soft reset if not caught, when caught nickname A, leave cave, switch to front of party, fly to Cerulean City

9. Go up Nugget Bridge then right (right-Bill house side), then surf down below and left until item (protein), go down and enter cave

10. Once in cave go up-right to ladder, then right-down to next ladder, down-surf-item (Rare Candy), then surf-down-not first exit-look for stairs to left, from stairs go left-up to ladder, then go right-up-left for item (Rare Candy), then back and up-left to talk to BLOINK, down and exit.

11. Fly to Blackthron City and go left to get to Ice Path, go in and talk to PINKY, exit the same way

12. Fly to Rock Tunnel, generally follow rightish till ladder then leftish until you run into WEIRD GRAPE and talk to him, escape rope out (just practice this movement a few times its not that bad or hard once you get the hang of it)

13. Fly to Mt. Moon, up and left talk to LEMON, then talk to dude, go up through the ladder, then down to exit, left and up into the next part of Mt. Moon, navigate through, at split go up and talk to LEMON once more, then down and left out, down-left to house

14. Talk to the guy to gain access to the Battle Tutor, go to PC and use Grizz’s PC, teach Dodrio: Hi-Jump-Kick over rage, Swords Dance over agility, Final move set should be: Tri-Attack, Hi-Jump-Kick, Drill Peck, Swords Dance

15. Fly to Cherrygrove City and hit the seas, keep going left until you see cave (don’t enter) then head north until you see next cave entrance, enter here

16. Surf up and go right-up-left towards the stairs into pool, surf and go to lil shore top left tile has hidden Rare Candy, surf out of pool, up-right to stairs leading to water, surf right-up to ladder, surf down-right till item (Rare Candy) then back to ladder to main floor, surf left until pickaxe, then escape rope out, enter entrance again except go left then down a waterfall, right from there to land to where you use pickaxe, enter and talk to SS and then to Pigy, get 25 Rare Candies and escape rope out

17. Take on the gyms, you need 8 badges to take on E4

18. Theory Crafted Gym Order: Falkner - LT. Surge - Brock - Blue - Jasmine - Pryce - Sabrina - Janine (Might want to save before some of the later gyms) (More testing needed to find the most optimal gym order but this one is pretty good)

19. Head to E4, heal up, buy x2 Full Restores x7 ethers x2-3 full heals, rest money to hyper potions

20. Protein and Rare Candy up Dodrio to OP. Save before E4 and head in, SAVE BEFORE EVERY E4 FIGHT (Something can go wrong on every fight and most times its just faster to reset), mainly use common sense on moves used throughout and set up swords dance asap on all fights, use items as needed between fights, Hall of Fame

21. Fly to Viridian City head towards MT. Sliver, Enter MT. Silver, keep going on up until MT. Silver Trainer, Make sure Birb is ready to go and then SAVE BEFORE

22. Try and set up Swords Dance as soon as you can and just 1 shot to victory, end split as soon as MT. Silver Trainer vanishes

Congrats! Run over!

You can watch my v2.3 Glitchless speedrun to see this route in action to get a sense of it. Really not difficult route to learn and very fun!

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