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I am kind of confused about the rules in any% glitchless. My questions are the following: Are you supposed to play on a certain difficulty? Are you allowed to play on a safe file that has every situational state unlocked so you can have certain skills throughout the run? If there is anything i have missed, please tell me. I really wish to know this. 🙂


I know that this is properly somewhat out of context, but i would like to know if a run would be considered valid if i were to reboot the game at a certain point. My runs have been interrupted by the game crashing right at the end of "Masks off". It turns out, that everytime i finish that specific level, the game gives me an error message and afterwards the game crashes and i cannot restart from the point where it crashed, which is the "Out of the ashes" mission.

What i would like to know, is if it's allowed to go through the menu to replay the mission that was loading before my game crashed and continue the run from that point, or if i just can't play the game properly.

Thanks in advance 🙂