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I always wanted to run Crysis 1 but since i found no runs of Glitchless on the internet i didnt run it because i want people to run it with to have competiton . But since you started running it i may start too .


I had a technically successful run on November 11th. I beat the game in 1:57:34 with a terrible time in Awakening, but an otherwise ok run. There is obvious room for improvement and since I have some free time from work for Christmas, I may try another run. For now that's my best time. I'm not sure I want to call it my submission, but I want to let you know I have a time at least.


Hey Amberdrive, it has been 4 months since someone has wrote in here, how is it going? Anything new? I would like to see more runs of this. Maybe a new runner will join this at some point.


The category has been made
I am eagerly awaiting your runs


After having studied most runs from both categories and the video below and my own attempts I have come to the conclusion that a slight change of the current rules for the glitchless category is in place.

The glitches not allowed in the glitchless category are the strafe jumping, circle jumping and save/load glitching to get through barriers or OOB. Also if anything like item duplication glitches or infinite ammo glitches or anything of that nature exsists or are to be found then these are/will be also prohibited.

This does not mean that OOB by itself is banned. If you manage to get ontop or over something using your regular abilities and not any glitch then it is perfectly allowed to go anywhere on the map.

Therefore the video that I have mentioned before and will link here at the bottom is the current route as far as I can see. But this video will not be added to the leaderboards because of it being cut up by the uploader and can not be timed correctly, nor can it be proven that it is not segmented.

If anyone has anything against this then please let me know.
So the new rules shall be henceforth:

No strafe jumping glitch,
No circle jumping glitch,
No quicksave/quickload glitch

OOB allowed if done glitchless


Hey Amberdrive, the difficulty can be whatever you like, just like in the any% category. As for the above being prohibited or not, would you consider that a glitch? is running around something a glitch? to skip a cutscene ? The idea is to not input things that create glitches, but the game being buggy/glitchy when you input normal inputs/behaviour that any player could is not the runners fault.