Is the Any% category only for World 1?
2 years ago
Ohio, USA

I do like the addition of the new categories, and may attempt to get on the leaderboards for them in the future, but I've noticed that the current 1st & 2nd place for Any% only includes World 1.

Is that currently the legal routing for this game's Any%? Because I have no idea, and asking is one way to remember which rules I've forgotten to read. ^^;


I have no authority on the matter, I just modelled my run after what I saw in the top runs. Though, after Level 30 is complete, a “Game Finished” screen flashes. I assume that’s why World 1 is enough for Any%.

I agree about more categories and think that a World 1+2 as a category makes sense.

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Ohio, USA

That makes sense.

But as much as I could be greedy and ask for a 1+2 world category, I'd prefer to put that request on hold until the ILs are filled out, and I actually complete the 5 / 10 level any%. Categories are so tough to get community attention for in any game, and I'm not exactly great at pulling my own weight. ^^;

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to be honest i have no interest in this stupid meme game so i’ll let zach deal with it however he wants to

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South Yorkshire, England

Yeah i guess i'll add a full game any%


2 weeks ago there was no full game? WTH

South Yorkshire, England

Henry, full game was 100% but i added a category for full game any% which is just you have to beat all 60 levels instead of 30

South Yorkshire, England

Ok Changed It to any% world 1 any% world 2 and then any% is now all levels like anyone cares

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