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Over the past few months Raikzer has worked on a load remover component for LiveSplit that is able to detect loading screens in TWoC in real-time. You can download it from the Resources tab. At the moment, this is still a public beta so further updates are bound to come in the future.
Please follow the instructions on the GitHub page of the project for a setup.
If you're struggling to set it up with the instructions, feel free to ask for help in the Discord server.

The load remover is currently compatible with the following versions of the game:
- PS2 [EN]
- PS2 [JP] (further tests are being made here though)
- Xbox [EN]

More console (Gamecube) and language (PAL languages, Korean) support will come in the future. I will update this post whenever more features and version support is added.

What exactly does it detect? It detects the beginning and end of loading screens between levels and the warp room. It also pauses on every fully black frame. These show up before and after loading screens to transition into the level/warp room, but also before mask dialogue cutscenes are being loaded and during death transitions. All of these instances (even the length of the black screen after dying) vary from console to console - including different models of the same console - and sometimes from region to region. Removing this difference is the point of the load remover.

Finally, this will cause a few changes in the rules. From now on, players with compatible versions of the game are advised to use the load remover to submit their times. Using the old spreadsheet method (which, frankly, nobody liked) will soon be allowed no more unless you use a version that is not compatible with the load remover yet. Once we can safely consider the load remover out of the beta stage, it will be mandatory.
Cutting out your loads in video editing could still be allowed under certain circumstances (such as when you're doing potato cam stuff) but that usually means more work for ya.

If you use the load remover and notice any hiccups (e.g. pauses during gameplay or undetected loading screens) please report them to either Raikzer or myself.

And last but not least: Do not cover your game feed in OBS with anything (that includes alerts) or it may wrongfully detect or ignore something that it shouldn't!

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I think it's great and I appreciate it.
I hope you will support XBOX(JPN) at some point, if possible!('ω')

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