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Is there a good way to run the PAL version of Crash 2 on an NTSC PS2? I attempted the Gameshark exploit that lets you play burned copies of games, and used Breaker Pro to force the PAL version to run with NTSC video, but the end result went way too slow to be able to run.

Someone over at The ISO Zone recommended I use POPstarter with a softmodded PS2 to run the game off of USB, but since that would be a non-official emulation, it's illegal for runs, correct? From what I've heard running the game can reduce load times, but I haven't actually tried it so I can't say for sure. I do know on the CTR board someone asked about POPstarter and was advised not to do it.

I've tried sucking it up and just running the NTSC version of the game to take advantage of FDS, but I find that while FDS does somewhat make up for the NTSC version being slower, in the end I don't see a notable improvement on times, so I don't really get anywhere by using this setup over just emulating PAL.

I was thinking of picking up non-burned copies of Breaker Pro and the PAL version of Crash 2, as I think my CD burner may have been the issue, but I wanted to see what others who have also been in this situation (I know a good portion of runners are from PAL regions, but a select few like SuperBoomFan and Gpro are in NTSC regions iirc) have done to get around this.



Thanks for the response. I've asked Gpro and Roach and they both told me the same thing. I'll look into picking up a PAL console.