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In order to play a few categories the player is required to be in a "valid version". What that means is that, whatever cpps/emulator they are using to play the game must contain all of the features used to be consistent with a single version that historically existed in the original Club Penguin.

For example, you cannot submit a run of 50 stamps while using the old astro barrier SWF from before stamps were released, which would technically save some time. Or you can't submit a run where you log in and get the PSA phone from doing the test, because historically, you always needed to be 30 days old to perform that test.

Both CPR and CPSC, versions we recommend to run the game, have certain inconsistencies, and if a run utilizes of it, it will be rejected, regardless of how much time it will save. For that, it is recommended to use CPSC as it gives you control of the features you have access to, and if you need help, contact someone in the discord to set up the correct version.

CPSC inconsistencies: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​raw/​2HPq5ze3

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