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Since the mods aren't doing shit I've came up with a way we can add a rewritten leaderboard here:
If you look at the Shovel Knight leaderboard (for example) you'd see that for each category there are 3 different sub categories, one for each game mode.
My idea is to add a subcategory to the already existing leaderboards and add pcr, or any other private server, maybe cpps? idk, will'd have to agree on one.
If enough people agree I'll try to become a mod so I can get this done.

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Rewritten runs have been accepted for Banned% and All Missions now, will they be accepted for 500 coins?

IMO CPR runs shouldn't be accepted for Banned% due to differences. All Missions is slightly different in the mission changing. 500 coins may have completely different options (I've hardly played CPR so I'm unsure) but the fastest method seems to be the same.

I don't really expect the mods to give any input though, they haven't even responded to the many questions about using CPR, they just started accepting runs. I would love if they proved me wrong though