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I would like to present, the 2nd greatest meme of all time....

In order to tip the iceberg, there must be 5 penguins that all meet all of the following criteria: Coloured dark blue, have a blue puffle, and are drilling.

The fastest way of achieving this would be to create an account and simply join the room a seconds before other plays tip the iceberg. But thats no fun and is completely random or can be done by a pre-run setup. So in my run i had all the accounts join a near empty server and met all the criteria without the aid of any other player. (one attempt failed because another player came in and started drilling so i had to reset)

Of course my run is really slow because of my trash internet and i was only using 2 accounts at once when i could have been doing all 5 at once if my computer was capable of recording 5 instances of flash across my 3 monitors

I dont expect this to get a leaderboard, but i think it would be fun to 🙂

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this is great, i'll see what i can do

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