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I'm making this post to try to clarify some things regarding this leaderboard. Despite it being named "Club Penguin Rewritten", the leaderboards are not intended to refer to the CPPS itself exclusively, but to the actual Club Penguin. The leaderboards were created so that we could keep the old leaderboard intact, and to not make it unfair for those who had played it on CP if anything ended up being different. Despite that, the categories are supposed to be the as close as the real CP once was, and is not intended to be based on CPR. It's just that we can't guarantee everything to be the same, mostly.

The reason we have used Club Penguin Rewritten mainly, is mostly because it was the most similar to CP and most accessible for everyone on the day these leaderboards were created, and it still is. Despite that we are not going to base around custom content on CPR such as any revamp they do.

And finally, this leaderboard is not supposed to be a CPPS leaderboard. Don't ask to create another leaderboard based on another CPPS because that's not the point of this (ahem CPO boards). If any CPPS has some feature that someone wants to speedrun it won't really be bothered, as what is supposed to be taken in focus is what CP has. CPR doesn't have modern content, so possibly another CPPS could be allowed for those, but that's where CPSC also joins to fill in the gaps.

Hope this is clear enough, this is CP despite being named CPR, and not a board for the CPPS itself, hope it doesn't confuse anyone anymore. The rules are strict in some categories to ensure everything is the same as the original Club Penguin once was.

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Leaderboards are no longer named CPR, so this is no longer an important thread.

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