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The site staff have said that CPO will be merged into this board. CPO uses a newer version of Club Penguin so most of the categories there cannot be run on CPR.

1. I don't want CPO to be added as an accepted CPPS because of its issues with other CPPSs (if you were around for CPR's shutdown earlier this year, you might know a bit about this). I think all of the mods agree with me on this.

2. I don't want to "destroy" the CPO leaderboard and all of its categories. While "Death%" hopefully does not survive, I can see what appears to be some valid categories on the leaderboard. I think some of the mods find all the categories silly though.


Pufflescape Any% seems interesting, just gotta find an alternative for modern games


def agree with 1 and with 2 i dont really care about the categories there tbh but i guess they could fit in category extensions


Here are my opinions on what should happen to the different categories. I will only be talking about the categories that are actually ran on the CPO leaderboards.

Pufflescape any%: This seems to be a good category, if we can find a way to actually run it that is not CPO.

Golden Puffle: I believe this is too arbitrary, and should at most only be on the Category Extensions board.

Smoothie Smash Death%: This category is very arbitrary, and not fun for a speedrun. Should not be carried over.

Puffle Roundup 100% low% fail%: These categories are just variations on the 500 Coins No Bonuses category, so I suggest we delete them as well.

Bits & Bolts Death%: Too arbitrary, and bad for a speedrun. Should not be carried over.

Bits & Bolts Level 5: A bit boring to speedrun, as it is just counting and luck. Maybe put on Category Extensions.

Hit the Target - 10 Points: Very arbitrary and it would just consist of spamming snowballs. Should not be carried over.

Delete Everything EXCEPT MAYBE Pufflescape any%

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Big man Loth with the 200iq plays though pufflescape has too many subcategories