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Well this leaderboard is only about a month old and not much work has been done. I can add that category if you'd like. In fact, I may make it a miscellaneous category just because if I add a 50 lap option for one track, I'd have to make it for all. And as for the rules. I'm still trying to figure out some technicalities. The ILs are for sure going to be in-game time. But I'm still trying to figure out some completion amounts for the full-game runs. Also I have to figure out if there's a big difference between PS2 and PC (which I don't think there is). All of my leaderboard operation knowledge comes pretty much from the ATV Offroad Fury series, so I'm trying to reciprocate that as much as I can. If you do have suggestions or just feel like you'd want to be a moderator, that would be quite nice and you should let me know!


You're mod! Let me know if you need any help on anything.


i have a small question when does the timer for the run starts?


The timer is in the game, no need for an outside timer.


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