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Not sure who gave me the mod rights for this game, but I used them to update the rules because of the problems discussed in the "game/speedrunning related questions" topic.

This game has problems with inconsistent fps which results in different game speeds. The user Dick_Assman made different comparison videos of different versions (GoG, Steam, Retail and Legacy), which demonstrated that every version besides the Retail version (basically) runs on 20 fps. The GoG and Legacy versions might require the steam app to run in the background to get the right fps in case it doesn´t have consistent 20 fps for some reason.

So for now the game should run at 20 fps in order to have comparable speedruns for a fair competition. Open questions are:

1) Should widescreen be allowed which is availabe (only?) on the Steam version? It gives some advantages since you don´t need to scroll as much.

2) Should there be a seperate category for the Retail version with maybe a max 30 fps? Some retail runs on youtube by the user Soda88 did run on this speed and it looked consistent. Maybe it is even possible to limit the fps consistently with another program, so that it shouldn´t be a problem to run it at 20 fps?


1) Depends on if this community accepts gameplay changes done via modern patches that are available to anyone via Steam. For example, Fallout 1 community accepts sfall mod distributed on Steam, which basically does the same thing.

2) We might end up with a situation where everyone will do runs for 30fps category only, simply because it's faster.

Just my 2 cents.


1) There is a rule on this site that the first runner decides on game rules. gltz has already used 1280x720 in his video here ( This however is purely technical and I would consider using 1024x768 just to be on the safe side.

2) Or everyone will use 43-44fps if no limiter is used. I prefer using the same fps without mods if I can, hence I prefer Steam/GoG. (I'm sorry for people who have to rebuy the game from Steam or, but hopefully they will give it cheaper in the future. $5 atm, but I've seen it for $2 before.)

2¤) New separate category suggestion: Pacifist/Don't kill category. In this category no enemy soldiers can be harmed! In case some soldiers have to be killed due to mission objectives or map layout, the player has to kill the MINIMUM number of soldiers she can. The number of kills are displayed at the end of each level, hence easily trackable (only human life matter, vehicle/building destruction does not).
It's bit of a joke-category which fits this game surprisingly well. It would be the opposite of an all-kill category.



There is a rule on this site that the first runner decides on game rules.
This is more of a guideline than a rule. If more runners come that want to change the rules, that works as well.

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The standard category doesn´t have many runs anyway, so adding more empty categories is probably not neccessary. Unless somebody does actually a run of it.

About the resolution it of course depends on what the community thinks and it isn´t particularly big. Those two people who did the first runs and are mods here don´t seem to be active at all anymore. I agree with Dick_Assman that using 1024x768 MAX is a good compromise.

Another question: What to do with the two runs that don´t fit the suggested rules. The one from Dead Shot had more than 20fps and now his video is not available anymore and gltz has one run in widescreen mode... I kinda don´t want to remove them, unless we would get some a reply from them.

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I'd like my original Mission 1: Baptism of Fire speedrun removed.
I was the using version, and apparently it ran at 14fps at the time. It would be really confusing to leave it there like this. I have reuploaded a new video with the Steam version at 20fps.

I've found that the game was intended to run at 20fps by its creators afterall.
At least it's supported by the fact that all training mission videos were recorded at this gamespeed.
Such as this one:
Just watch or measure how fast the cursor blinks.

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Congratz dude, I hope you will also do some runs for the other levels too!

Also someone should give you the mod for this game tbh, you have done a lot of research for this game and you are the only active runner. The other two weren´t online since over 9 months. lol

And about timing, if you have a 0:37.999s it is still a 0:37.

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Hey, thanks!

For now I've uploaded the first 5 missions, and slowly will continue with the rest.
I've calculated 1 week / run, and I won't be able to do it every day, so it should be around 2-3 weeks / video, and thus the whole game should be completed by the end of 2018.
Speedrunning is not something you can do in a 20 hour marathon, I prefer to do it in 1-2 hour bursts a day to give time to think about it and penetrate my brain.

Mr. Assman

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Can we have a separate 30 fps category? 20 is too slow/easy imo. There's a program called 'BEL_Loader' which can be used to limit the game to any desired fps...


Thing is the game is supposed to run on 20 fps. Also the BEL_Loader doesn´t work for my GoG version, it crashes the game. I personally wouldn´t mind the Retail version with 30 fps as extra category, but before I would make such decision I would like to have more opinions first, preferrably from runners of this game.