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Ahoy, mighty pirates!

Yesterday I've finished a game of my childhood on a Mega-Monkey (and then Normal) mode, and it's a pure satisfaction to immerse in a world of LucasArts adventures again!

Wanna leave this info somewhere (here), because didn't find differences on the internet when searched for them (no spoilers, no hints):

=== Part II ===
1. COAT looks different
2. JAWBREAKER and CLUB CARD are ready for taking
3. BOAT HOLE is already clogged
4. GOLD TOOTH puzzle is much easier
5. No X-mark puzzle

=== Part IV ===
6. SHAVING SOAP bottle differs
7. MIRROR is already placed
8. Dog bowl contains food
9. Door to the Charles' room is open
10. Goodsoup family affiliation puzzle is much easier
11. Windmill is open
12. Taking LANTERN is a bit simpler

=== Part V ===
13. PIE cannon puzzle is easier

=== Part VI ===
14. LANTERN differs


Actually, Part 3s final boss is easier on Normal. needs less wins.

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