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Guess what? Another speedrun (not mine) of this game that, judging by YouTube start and end times in the video, works out right about 29:59, exactly the mark I am trying to get or better right now!!! It peculiarly says "longplay" first in the title but is in fact a speedrun. This one just timed it in "in-game time" instead of real time, while it in fact did it in "real time" for the real time speedrun expected here. The in-game time was 24:30 while mine was 24:43 or 24:44, allowing for a few seconds of pause menu time, a fraction of a second unintentionally, but about 3 seconds of it intentional to see what items I had, and, mostly in the second pause, use one. It makes sense with just under 5.5 minutes of mandatory delay in the game. Also, the "in-game time" counted fractions of a second whereas mine did not, and it shows in the time difference between the 29:59.XX and my 30:16.98, with me only 14 seconds behind with the higher second count for mine while I'm 17-18 seconds behind in the "real time" for the run in comparison to hers, given the YouTube start and end times.

This one is also from Argentina, the same country the WR holder is from right now. Hopefully all the times I posted here (including my own at about 30:17, timed on my phone at 30:16.98 with human error) will eventually end up being added to the leaderboard for this game! This one could use a few more times, and I have found two others thus far - one on Youtube and one on Twitch - fully intended as speedruns, while I came through with one of my own to stir up some real competition again for the game!

I understand it can easily take 21 days for a moderator to look at any of this for a game like this, so I have patience. The site allows 21 days for moderators to approve runs. In fact, I recently learned that I'm really supposed to wait 14 days before contacting a moderator about an unapproved run, because of the 21 day rule, particularly for games with less times like this!

I'm sure glad this game at least exists on and has a few really great times!!!

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