New category ideas
Toronto, ON, Canada

All maps round 5, 15 etc. Pap. Song.

High Round Subsection for each map For example if someone reached round 999 you could just put 999 in the MS section and thousands in the second slot.

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Galicia, Spain

Thats a good idea, it can be called HighScore% or high round%.

What about fastest death? This doesn't include restarting or glitches

Maybe all doors no cod points or quickest to turn on power

Good idea or even 1st room challenge or something like that.

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Galway, Ireland

This game has run dry I can't lie. But that first room challenge. I could make that work. Like a round 10 speedrun in the first room only. Lemme know if u lot want that or got any other idea's

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North Carolina, USA

Wonder weapon any% with and without cod points would continue running but my phone doesn't support it apparently my 2022 phone doesn't have enough ram to run the game ):

Galway, Ireland

The thing about wonder wepon any% is that would require a lot of rng

Toronto, ON, Canada

I'd be down

Galway, Ireland

Here look I'll throw in that first room challenge. Fastest time to hit round 10 since all of round 5s speedruns are spent in the starting room already

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