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Idea for full game speedruns
basic rules:
1) Speedrun every map back to back in no particular order
2) Time ends when the final cutscene for the last map plays
3) time starts when the first map run starts
I did a example run of what the run may look like

This category could be called "all levels" if that sounds better
the mods can change any of the rules if they make this a real category i'm just throwing out ideas

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Something like this would be good, seeing as we have a small amount of levels anyway. Get in the discord so we can actually chat tho.


In my opinion, this is a bad idea (full-game runs). But I'm so lazy to explain it. I guess I'm so lazy, cuz I have Oblomovism OSFrog


I can see why it would be a bad idea
it takes up so much time to get a run going and you have to hope you get the right version of each map if you want to get the best possible time
also not sure anyone would even run the category