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Hello guys,

I've finally got time to play some CoD2, but I noticed a problem with my mouse movement.
It looks like that I can only move my mouse on diagonal pixels. It sounds weird but it is what it is. When I move my mouse very slowly on a horizontal line, the cursor in the menu and my view in game aren’t moving at all. But when I start moving my mouse a little bit faster you can see, that the cursor is moving in a zig zag line. When I’m moving my mouse diagonally it feels like some wall parallel to my movement so I can just move out of this line with more speed and effort.
This problem just occurs in CoD2. On Windows and others games are no problems.
My DPI is on 800 and polliing rate is 1000Hz.
I’ve tried with different values but the problem is still there.
Maybe some of you can help me, I really wanna play some CoD2 but it’s literally unplayable 🙁
PLS Help me!


Here a video of the problem


Try to change your resolution maybe ? Its only on the menu or in game too ?


tried some different resolutions, problem remains..
yeah its in game too 🙁


i've just got a comment on my video with the solution:
its because of the win10 creators update which messes up mouse movement

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