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I've stumbled upon deleted_account's stream when he was doing CoD1 and was surprised by the lack of a load remover.

So as an exercise I've whipped one up.

With massive help from pitpo, here's a CoD1 full-game autosplitter/load remover. Tested under v1.0 and Steam v1.3
To enable it, add "Scriptable Autosplitter" to your LiveSplit layout and load the file from there

- Removes loads (stops the "Game time" when the game is loading in-between levels)
- Automatically starts when gaining control of the character in the training map and when triggering the final cutscene (can be toggled off in the "Scriptable Autosplitter" settings)
- Automatically splits when switching levels, or when the final cutscene is played (can be toggled off in the "Scriptable Autosplitter" settings)
- Automatically resets the run when loading into the training map (can be toggled off in the "Scriptable Autosplitter" settings)

The splitter start doesn't follow the rules, because only when writing this post I've realized that it's different than what I'm coding in. I will look into that, but for now I am going to leave it in. It can be disabled through Livesplit (make sure you also disable the Reset).

I haven't done much testing past starting a run, changing levels and final split, so you're more than welcome to do full-game testing - if you find any bugs (like splits out of blue), please post them in this thread - I'll look into them!

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Are you perhaps playing on a newer version of the game, like v1.5?
To remove loads I hook a certain memory address which is linked to "game not accepting inputs because it's loading", and it might be different if newer version of the game uses a different SP exe

Also check if you're actually using Game Time for comparsion (Rightclick Livesplit > Compare against... > Game time)


Updated the first post with a new version which uses a better memory address related to loading screens - now pauses properly and not based on progressbar movement


just I use the steam version ( 1.3) and a / s , of course, does not work


Right now the autosplitter does not work with the Steam version (v1.3), only the retail version (v1.0).
I can't fix it for the Steam version, because I don't own the Steam version 😃


I could share, but I'm afraid land lock would hurt


Updated the first post with a new version of the autosplitter.
Now it should be able to detect whether you're running Retail or Steam version and adjust its addresses accordingly.


I've added the autosplitter/load remover to LiveSplit's Autosplitters XML.

What it means that now instead of having to manually load the script. you can enable it in the "Edit splits" panel, and LiveSplit will do the rest for you.
Just make sure the game there is set to "Call of Duty".

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The autosplitter is not working for me (Steam Version). It tends to double split between levels.


Find a 1.0 version then, autosplitter does not work with Steam one.