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Sorry for late reply . I planned rules changes

For Glitchless :
Finish the game without using glitches that allow u to go OoB. It Includes :
- Pathfinder's Bushjump
- Burnville Skip
- Sewers Skip
- Going below the Map in Rocket

Skips Allowed (you dont go OoB so they are allowed) :
- Window and railing jump in Dam
- Railing jump in Ship
- Window jump in Tank Factory

Now i have a few questions :

What do you think of Reload Cancel, skip or trick ? Should be allowed or not?

NapoleonNapoleon and AlexYeahNotAlexYeahNot like this. 


Regarding the glitchless run, what does bhop boost mean? No bhop at all?
Also, I suppose the ladder glitch (found by SuperFull) is not allowed if you go Oob (like in boot camp level).


And truck ride skip shoud be banned too.


Reload cancel is such a small thing that it feels like you should just keep it.
I would say allow Reload cancel, but that is up to others as well, not just me. But that is my opinion on Reload cancel.