Considering switching to RTA from IGT
4 years ago

Hey everyone

I've been considering switching the default timing on this game to RTA from IGT.

IGT counts only stage and boss time, but not menus/character creation/map screen. I feel that RTA would be a much better and accurate measure of speed, since menuing well is a part of speedrunning, I'd argue. Additionally, someone could theoretically submit a 5 hour run with really good stages and boss fights and still get WR. I don't think anyone WOULD do this, but the fact that someone COULD makes me feel that IGT is not a good indicator.

I would keep the RTA timing rules the same, and thankfully all the leaderboard places would remain the same and there wouldn't be any strange upsets. I would also like to keep IGT visible on the leaderboards because it is interesting, I just don't think it's the best way to go for determining the actual speed of the run.

However, I respect that I picked up the game about a week ago and appealed for mod in the forums. I don't want to just barge in and change everything without at least checking to see if there are any objections. So, with that being said, would anyone be against me changing the timing to RTA?

Arizona, USA

Well... I for one, I prefer to start the timer on the frame you move a character and ends split on the last hit of the boss but the menuing to start up the game takes up more time when you start the timer at by pressing start. I don't think there will be a time difference but the in-game time. Just keep it the way it is for now and I also was about to request the big mod to make me as the mods (not a single mods respond about the VoDs of the WR and 2nd) because I was learning and slightly practicing this game but the first 2 VoDs are not there so... I can't learn it that way and find where I can optimize it.

Maryland, USA

While it is pretty novel that the game has IGT, I don't think it is particularly useful for an RTA run. For one, it only goes down to the second, which is not accurate enough. Running the game should be about doing it as fast as possible, including menuing. The fact that someone could hypothetically wait around in the menus and take hours longer to finish a run, RTA timing-wise, but have a faster IGT, seems to defeat the purpose of beating the game as fast as possible. All parts of the run should be taken into account in the final time.

I feel like it's fine to note the IGT on a submission, but the RTA timing should clearly take precedence and be the actual deciding factor of leaderboard positions.

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