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11 months ago

i should have done this long ago, but here is everything i know for Crash Nitro Kart Gba:

TNT Crate - A Unique Power-up, Yes go ahead and laugh but it can do way more than you expect! This is only power-up that can steal power-ups from other Cpu if picked up and driven intro the ? boxes. Also if you pick-up one of these is impossible to leave a TNT or NITRO crate with ANY character you choose EXCEPT for Spyro! Yes you hear right Spyro is the ONLY one character that can pick-up TNT and if you Jump You can leave a TNT or NITRO but is a little precise. TNT crates can BLOCK the power-up boxes (?). Lastly you can knock a TNT crate by jumping 5 times (Jumps over a big gap also count). Driving into a TNT or NITRO crate while you have a TNT it will result a Bassy explosion.You CANNOT place a TNT or NITRO right next to another TNT crate they will explode. But placing a NITRO right next to another NITRO crate.... Nothing happens they will stay this is Strange but is true.

Nitro Crate - This one is Super useful on Bosses (Krunk,Nash,Geary,Norm & Big norm,Velo) on Norn & big norm you should be careful DO NOT HIT THE NORM! ONLY THE BIG NORM BECAUSE HITTING NORM IT WILL MAKE BIG NORM CATCHING UP TO YOU AND DESTROY YOUR RUN, Seriously you should be Very careful on this specific boss. On other bosses Just leave this Before a jump and on Center this is important because it has a very high chance to work if you leave it left or right.... then you fail this trap. This power-up Requires 10 wumpa fruit to obtain otherwise it will stay as TNT.

Ice mine - This one is can be destroyed easily by shooting it with a bomb or a missile but also you can jump over it, Jumping over may not work at all times but you can try in a tough time. (Side note: don't put a TNT on top or half-inside the ice mine it will explode)

Power Shield (Green & Blue) - As the name suggests this one can protect you From any weapon (Except The Tornado only in 1st position it can not hit you, otherwise it will go through), You can drive through a TNT,NITRO, ice mine without any problem! But it will not protect you from explosions.... This means if the Cpu or player in front of you destroys a TNT or Nitro crate you get hit by the explosion, the same can apply when a bomb hit the front player or cpu. Colour Differences: A green shield lasts a few seconds a Blue Shield has no time it will stay until you get hit or if you choose to throw it. The Blue shield Requires 10 wumpa.

Fastest speed possible that you can have. This is the speed of jumpings pads they are faster than boosts pads you can take advantage by hopping using the R button. After a jump don't land into a boostpad because it will slow you down.

Hitboxes: This may be useful to know.

To understand this i strongly suggest you to try it yourself!

Play as crash or polar then go behind of Tiny, N.Tropy or Neo Cortex when they have A TNT on their head you will see When the TNT explodes it will NOT hit you! if you play as coco or N.trance...well you get hit.

Cheats, Now what i can say for this? Using in-game cheats is a no go for speedrun不不不不不不不不 I can hardly write this without laughing you will get caught instantly.

Easy Detection: (When is active)

Turbo Cheat: This Gives you Boostpad speed it will never slow down as long you holding A button. To Detect this Just look The "Zooming" when you touch a boostpad. Normally when you touch a boostpad a little Zoom happens because of the Speed gain so if you have already a boostpad speed the zoom is not happening. (if you Drift boost before a boostpad the zoom will not happen you can notice it on level and full runs)

Artillery Cheat: This gives Bombs and missiles by hitting a ? Box or pressing L button before hitting a box, then you got Repeatedly Bombs and missiles. Very easy to detect, if you got 1 bomb or 3 using all 1 or 3 it will cause the power-up shuffle to appear on screen without a ? box. A second method is the power-ups themselves! I mean is not possible to have missiles and bombs on full game right?

R/C kart Cheat: LOL don't even try to use this on speedruns it's way too obvious to not notice 不不不不不不不不不不不不不, This cheat Shrinks all carts into toy-like version also the sound is awful.

Lunar Cheat: You won't notice right away but when you see the CPU jumping know something fishy is happening, This cheat gives you a high jump when you hop and a moonjump when you hit a jumping pad you stay in air for long time plus keeping the speed. This one is obvious.

Power-up Timer: Sounds crazy? well let me tell you that a TNT,NITRO CRATE and ICE MINE have a timer of 2 minutes, when this expires the TNT and NITRO crate will explode and ICE mine will despawn so don't get very close to TNT when you see one. On Bosses this timer seems not to applied but i might be wrong anyways Any items dropped by a boss stays in area for about 6 to 9 seconds. Still this might not true maybe the developers limit the stuff of bosses, so when a boss drops something the item that stayed the longest in the area is destroyed.

Hardlocks: If you play a lot CNK GBA i'm sure you got Hardlocked in Tiny's Temple right before the first ? boxes. i believe you can hardlock on Deep Sea Driving as well but i'm not quite sure yet (And yes if are curious i did get hardlocked there)

I copied this from a thread i created also most typos are fixed.

Edit: Added info that i forgot.

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