I noticed that this game has no set rules or guidelines and I think that should be changed. I'm willing to edit the page if thats okay, but we should establish rules first.

I vote that timing begins on difficulty selection and ends on the final You Are Victorious screen.
I noticed that you can skip the intro movies by alt+tab-ing during them, I think this should be allowed as they are kind of pointless to watch and can be done easily.

In my runs that I have submitted, I HAVE MADE SMALL EDITS TO THE GAME'S INI SETTINGS. I set a custom Resolution that is 16:9 and I have raised the max camera height from 310 (or 370, i forget) to 500. I don't think this really affects the run, but it makes the game more comfortable to play. Editing the ini files should be discussed because I'm sure that there are some things that could give advantages.


Most people seem to end their timer at the last You Are Victorious screen, so that would be a good position to end at.
Tiberian Sun runs allow for alt-tabbing as it has a glitch that can save a lot of time. Compared to it, this is much simplier. I see no problem with skipping cutscenes this way.

Unlike the older games in the series, Generals onward are true 3D, so increasing the resolution doesn't give you a larger field of view. Camera height is questionable and maybe in the future there could be a max limit that can be agreed on, but altering it so 16:9 is playable should be fine.


In my opinion, the timing should start AFTER the difficulty screen or any other setup screen(s). It's just a setting like resolution or controls.

The alt-tab glitch should be treated as variable. At least, that's how it's done in Tiberian Sun.


Ewil, Immediately after selecting difficulty, the game starts the campaign intro movie, so unless we start on when you gain control at the start of the first mission, I think we should go with difficulty select.


Yes, and that's when the timer should start - with the intro movie. Most speedruns start like that.


i think camera height shouldnt be allowed


OK nin_talal. Any reason why?


why is SCUD bug allowed?


Traviktox: because it's any%. Why should it not be allowed? Abusing gliches is totally normal in speedrunning.

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how do you capture the game with OBS and fullscreen? OBS does not find my game, if i do it with game capture and then mode "Capture any fullscreen application"

and another question, is there a good tutorial for the scud bug? like how CCNeverender did it on his GLA compaign


I made a tutorial on it, but its specifically for v1.0, not the Origin version, which is v1.4, I think.

My video is here:

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