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So after some thinking I think it may be ok to add in a No Cuts Variable or Category for this game aka the way the game was meant to be played 😛

Who would be ok for us to add in a no cuts variable/category?

Any thoughts or opinions on this matter would be great 🙂


In order for this category to exist, you'd have to specify all the cuts that would invalidate the run.

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We can have it by just saying "Do not go off road"


In terms of rally, we should declare it as "At least one wheel must be on the track". I can't imagine to verify a run for no cuts.


But we can also say "If you slide off the road you have to get back where you left off, do not intentionally go further or trigger a respawn when off road"


The player's task is to follow the route as quickly as possible according to the route designated by the game.
Any new shortcuts that could be consistent with the intention of the game must be previously approved by the moderators.
List of acceptable skips:
Speedway skip/ żuzel skip Australia stage 2 eg.

(This is my proposal)

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Honestly if anything, this category will be hard to actually stewardize so let's just leave it shall we?

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We will find a solution. We might be picky about how the run is preformed for sure

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