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Ok, so currently there appears to be two separate listings for this title, the one here and this one:


We don't really want two listings for the same game, so the most sensible thing to do here is merge them. The things that would ideally likely need to be negotiated would be the ruleset and probably transition of MeridianPrime onto this title, if this is OK with the moderators here.

The ruleset here seems far more detailed than the other listing, which only really notes timing Start/Stop, so as long as Meridian is fine with those, that seems very simple to sort out.

These appear to be added pretty closely together, so was likely a simple mistake. I can transfer all runs over if necessary.

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I am fine with this. Having just one board makes more sense and less confusing for new runners. Ty @Liv for your help and time 🙂

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Sounds good to me. We will welcome another mod, strength in numbers. 👊🏻 Thank you @Liv you rock!

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No problems here. Thanks for the heads up.

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Ok, so I've transferred all the runs from that board over to this one, added MeridianPrime as a Mod to this game, and cleared the other listing.

Hopefully this game can run more smoothly now. 😛

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I wonder what spawned this discussion Keepo

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