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Requesting New Categories
Victoria, Australia

Training Camp% in 3:59!

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Victoria, Australia

Is it going to be added?

Minnesota, USA

Sorry for the delay, we've decided to add Training Camp and added subcategories for the 1K trophies to include 2,3, and 4K. Have fun :)

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French Southern Territories

Glitch less categories the latest 2v2 was beaten with a glitch

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Saudi Arabia

12 win in CC And GC

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Basque Country

why 12 exactly

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Alberta, Canada

Because Classics and GCs end on your 12th win.

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Temporary Super witch crown challenge 😭 category

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Hey everyone ! Can you add a new cathegory I think "fastest to bring down a tower" could be nice :) You can add this concept please !!!!

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New category: unlocking all champions at once. Here's my example. First you need to open chest from kings journey to start the speedrun and then open other chests to unlock them all. my video: tysm if you notice this :)

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True Any% category. 9000 Trophies. probably will take 18H+

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