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Other known glitches have been noted here.

If you start a level where a Barricadebot is directly underneath Chisler and you press space to drill downwards on the right frame, you can drill through the bot saving time. It best works to start the level and press R to restart the level and just mash space until you get it, pressing R to refresh and retry for every failed attempt. It's not very tricky to get and from testing can take as little as two attempts to get.

Best useful for the following levels:

13 | Fairly useful as it get you 12% Drill%.

16* | Very useful as it gets you 32% Drill%.

17 | A little bit more useful as it gets you 22% Drill% and if you drill back to the other side you'll be at 45% Drill%. You'll most likely get a single hit by the red Shellbots however. I haven't tested yet if it's possible to avoid at least a single hit, but maybe. Though it's more likely the whole game's levels are on the same cycled every time, so it might not be possible.

21 | It's not really useful, since it only gets you 7% Drill%, but it's cool I guess (lol).