Regarding BiT in Any%
Greater Manchester, England

I've created a new category called "Any% with Back in Time" to test the new glitch's usage in full game runs. the question is, which category is "Any%"? is the glitch broken enough that without bit is "Any%" and with it is "Any% Glitched"? (yes) or is with bit "Any%", and without it "Any% Glitchless", or "All Main Levels"?

i don't care RIGHT now, but if the any%/BiT run gets TOO crazy, or the setup becomes most of the run, i won't change either category's name.

good luck, gamers

Greater Manchester, England

dillen just got a time of 0 seconds on the Speedrun Timer. he played the full game in order to set it up, but it doesn't matter how quickly you do the setup. it's not even a speedrun

bit definitely goes too far

skill issue, BIT my beloved

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A new glitch has been discovered by Consume_Pie, which allows the player to control the game and its main menu at the same time. In his words:

  • clicking greenflag while at the start of ppath while in turbomode warps you to the world map
  • this is because when the greenflag is clicked there is n
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