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So today I was doing some experimenting on what was the perfect speedrun for Chex Quest 1 with and without monsters. I did the entire first episode on No-Monsters, Non-SS with minimum clippage (Not TAS).

Difference between No-M and UV-speed.
E1M1 : Nothing
E1M2 : Door at teleport can rarely open by enemy. -1 seconds.
E1M3 : 3 doors have possibility of opening. -3 sec. +3 for shootery in map. 0 overall.
E1M4 : 1 door can open rarely. -1 seconds. -1 overall
E1M5 +1 second for Flembrane. +1 for monsters in the way. +2 overall.

Times No-M: E1M1 0:01 E1M2 0:55 E1M3 1:21 E1M4 0:50 E1M5 0:20
Overall No-M 3:30 (includes extra frames after number in experiment run)

Times UV-S: E1M1 0:01 E1M2 0:54 E1M3 1:21 E1M4 0:49 E1M5 0:22
Overall UV-S 3:30 (includes extra frames after number in experiment run).

The most perfect UV-Speed run that we can expect is 3:30. Any run lower would be extremely close to impossible in movement and luck combined. Much lower and it definetely means TAS. The TAS run for CQ1 is 3:08. Though that is actually the perfect run, the perfect run (that we can expect) for human skill is 3:30. Thanks for reading.


E1M1 can be 0 IGT though overall I doubt it would effect the final time that much


Comparison to ViTa's TAS is probably not the best idea rn given that PrBoom is much more accurate than GZDoom. If you end up doing a run on PrBoom or Crispy it would be interesting to see how the demos compare however.


PRBoom and GZDoom seem to be different with the collision on E1M1. I overlooked this, though isn't 0 seconds only possible with TAS or not? I also overlooked the demo being recorded with PRBoom.


4shock has gotten a 0 and he plays on PrBoom+ so I'd assume it would be humanly possible on GZDoom as well. TASs are typically done on PrBoom given how easy replaying the lmp files are. GZDoom demos are pretty awful and can only be replayed on ZDoom sourceports since the way wads and pk3s play on it vastly differs from the way Doom plays on more accurate sourceports like CNDoom, Chocolate/Crispy Doom, and PrBoom.


That probably answered your question on the collision with GZDoom but in general the physics of ZDoom ports are very different than other sourceports


0 seconds isn't possible in GZDoom. The best I've ever gotten in my thousands of attempts was 1.2 seconds. In GZDoom you fly off the obstacle on E1M1, but on PRBoom you keep going in the same direction.


You can get sub 1.1 consistently on E1M1 if you use SR50