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I play on Xbox one which is allowed, however I having difficulty recording my runs. (I have gotten a 56:58 but I didn't record it) I have tried to record runs by using the built in Xbox record button but it stops at 10 minutes. What is the cheapest way I can record the gameplay? I have a Nintendo switch so if it's cheaper to do it on the switch then I can buy the game on the switch. It won't effect my gameplay too much because the controls are the same.


Hey there. You can get out your phone or some other camera, and as long as it fits the whole screen inside the recording, then it's allowed. Hope this helps!


an alternative you can do that's free is streaming directly to Twitch from your Xbox and enabling saving of vods in Twitch settings, so you can highlight runs you want to submit - I personally think this is the best way to submit from console, but otherwise the above is an option too (the main thing to keep in mind is the timer needs to be clear), or you can get the cheapest capture cards for around $50

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Yep like palafrost says, Twitch stream is super good because you don't have to upload it to youtube which takes a while. I also play on Xbox and using Twitch is great cause the upload of the highlight is super fast. So what you do is launch Twitch on Xbox, start the stream, start playing, finish the run, and then stop the stream. You just need to create a highlight of your stream on the Twitch website and from there you can get the link and submit your run.