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I want to improve my farewell time by a few minutes.
Can someone explain how to do bino clip in event horizon? Is there any video tutorial on it?


Hey, I had posted my setup for it in the Celeste Discord (#strats) a while ago, I'll just paste it here:

- Trigger the bino from the left of it and scroll right
- Exit the bino when the left of the screen passes this cue: https://discord.com/channels/403698615446536203/414783013415682048/848599961474039859 (saves quite a bit of time over reacting to when it stops scrolling, depending on your reaction time)
- Wait a bit and do a full-height extended super without holding any direction (this is the "feeling-based" part but it's very lenient once you get used to it, you may also find cues with the white frame fading away)
- Go back into the Kevin and win :unimpressedeline:

However it saves less than a second if you're not doing Dash Trigger Skip (the strat in Start that lets you play with 2 dashes), so I would not recommand it before going for a time around 16/17min maybe!

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