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I think 1UP’s speedrun also fun. What do you think about?

Oh....English is so hard....

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It's just a fun easter egg / achievement. The "points" system given by strawberries isn't taken seriously by the developers or anybody really.

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however the short time you can achieve it in together with the difficulty it poses makes it an interesting category to run to train your skills.

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At that point you might as well run Any%.

I think the lack of popularity of All A-Sides already shows this would be resigned to the same fate.

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Do you mean getting a 1up from the start of the game, or getting a 1up in every level? a 1up in every level actually seems like an interesting idea though.

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getting a 1up in every level


IIRC it would be possible to get a 1up in core if you had the golden... But there's an unavoidable Badeline that eats exactly 1 of your 6 strawberries, leaving you with one too few to 1up.