Time Trials?
4 years ago
Illinois, USA

Is it possible for an individual level leaderboard for the Time Trials to be added? They could be ranked by in-game time. It could be a cool way to add some more variety and friendly competition to this game. There's so few categories as it is.

Edited by the author 4 years ago
California, USA

Any reason the Shai-Gen bosses weren't included in the level leaderboards?

California, USA

Update to that, the level leaderboards are also missing one Volk general.

California, USA

Here are the bosses missing from the ILs, assuming they're being added later. I've got runs for them that I'm willing to submit.

VOLK Sergei Sovetnik

SHAI-GEN Zuang Lun Wang Mrs. Timbol Dr. Baltazar Czernenko Colonel Axton Cowell Vitaliy Rzeznik Thadeous Oakley Melissa Fang-Yin

Minnesota, USA

Added the rest of the bosses to the IL time trial leaderboard

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