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I'd like to try and run a cookie clicker 100% (all achievements, upgrades, and Heavenly Upgrades, no Shadow Achievements), but that would be a stupidly long stream. Would there be some way for me to run the category without having a stupidly long stream or losing time to not being able to do it daily?

Here's what I'm thinking:
--When quitting for the session, export save to something online that says when the text was last modified to prevent segmented runs/cheating. Would also modify the document while recording/streaming the next session to prove this was the real run
--Must play on the same version across the entire run, no switching versions
--Must start game with your computer date/time set to the date/time it was at when you exported your save (prevents things gained by Twin Gates and Sugar Lumps)
--Savescumming isn't allowed (unless you want it to be)
Any comments/suggestions? Anything I've missed? If it would have to be based on in-game days it took, that's fine with me, I just want to run CC 100%.


I'm not entirely sure how this would work, I'm okay with the idea as long as we can come to some sort of way to completely prevent cheating. It may be worth looking into how the Baten Kaitos 100% board handles this as the 100% run is something like 200 hours and happens over multiple streams.

Here's my thoughts.
-You must record the entire session (can be segmented.)
-You must keep a log of every save. Each save is is usually a string of HEX. We can use this to confirm that you are where you said you were at the end of each sessions.
-No auto clickers. (Obviously)

I don't think you would need to take the extreme steps of showing your computer date and time as long as the saves are kept track of. Though I must say, this would literally take weeks I'm pretty sure of non stop play. So It would be pretty crazy to even attempt.

If you're looking for something new and interesting to run, Xerokynos and I used to do races on SRL of 40 achievements unlocked. It roughly took a couple of hours to do and had some different paths you could take depending on Golden cookie luck, and whether or not you get that one achievement that just randomly happens. Sometimes it was better to go for clicking achievements, vs other times where it was better to go for total cookies backed achievements.

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The point of having showing/changing the time would be to prevent any benefit from the Twin Gates baking you cookies while offline. If we used in game time that wouldn't matter, so should we use in-game? And what would be considered cheating? Obviously save editing, auto-clicking, etc. but what about save scumming in general?


Here's a FAQ to "Baiten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 100% speedrun": https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​BRvPJ430

Apparently it's only that long of a run because it's 2 weeks of just waiting while unpaused for an item to finish evolving.
Obviously for cookie clicker it isn't realistic to stream every day while I try to do everything in the game. I'm wondering if it would be okay to use in-game time to time it. Like you mentioned, if I import/export the save every time I start/stop the session (on stream), and show stats when I start and stop, there's no cheating that I could get away with. We could also do a log of the achievements, upgrades, heavenly upgrades, etc. of everything I had at the end of last session.

Also, I'm probably not going to do the run unless we allow save-scumming and/or using multiple windows/tabs with the proper save on it. Otherwise it actually will take forever.

So here are my proposed rules:
1. Timing starts on confirmed Wipe Save
2. Timing stops on the final collectible (non-shadow achievement, upgrade, heavenly upgrade, seed <anything I missed?>)
3. In-Game Time is used and required to be shown as much as possible
4. May be done in multiple sessions
5. Must provide stats when starting/stopping a session of the run.
6. When ending a session of the run, must export save and paste that save into a discord/google drive doc on stream [must be a file that the public can see when it was posted/last edited]
7. When starting a session of the run, must import save from the most recent exported save. Must show the date that save was last modified on stream.
8. No cheats (includes but is not limited to using console commands, macros, auto-clickers, names with the phrase "saysopensesame")
[If allowing multiple windows/tabs] 9. You may open multiple windows of your speed run file during the run after you import a save and after the game has been autosaved. No other windows of cookie clicker can be open when you start the run.
[If allowing save-scum] 10. When save-scumming, must prove that the game has saved since you imported the last save.
11. If something happens that causes the stream to become corrupted (example: internet cuts out during the run), when starting the next session start from the last exported save. [we might need to have it apply for for dropped frames too. We / just the mods can discuss everything about this.]

We can add in anything I missed and take out anything that doesn't apply. And if this category doesn't work out, I think I'll still try to run "I think it's safe to say you've made it" (Bake 100 Quindecillion in one Ascension).


I'm willing to create the category for you. I would however like for you to complete a run first so I can just get a grasp on how I'm supposed to verify such a long run. I understand this will take a while to complete so just let me know when it's ready.

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how about the 365 year reward


Alright, I'll get started on it. I'll have to decide where to put the saves, and I want to set up a donations thing for the stream and donate it all to charity (that way it will actually be doing something in the world lol), I'll probably start streaming on Monday. I'll also make a discord for it and store all the saves there for now I guess. Here's the link: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​N29bfgY

As for the 365-day run achievement, it's a shadow achievement, so I won't be getting it in the run (unless it's by accident, I'm not sure how long this run will take)


I'm pretty sure it will take over a year lol.

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It should not, actually. Should be ~85 days of active play. According to the Wiki, Juicy Queenbeets are able to mature in 85 ticks if you get lucky (8% chance to age by 1 every tick, 92% chance to age by 0 every tick). I'll be savescumming for ticks on JQB. If I get bad luck on that scumming, it might take ~100 ticks (300 minutes, or 5 hours). I've still got a bit to figure out, including the charity donations, but I'll start on Wednesday. If I don't have donations by then I'll hopefully be able to get them going soon after.

Just so you know, I will be putting all the proof of the legitimacy of my run in that discord.

If it does take a year, we have the issue of the game updating and having mechanics change. They're working on the mobile version right now, so now is probably the best time to attempt it.

Also, I realized that since the game doesn't update the stats every second, the end time will have to be based on the update after all achievements are obtained. I've seen a good 20 seconds between updates (not that 20 seconds matters in 85+ days).


Maybe you should use a legacy build?

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I'll consider doing that.

Edit: What's a legacy build? When I google it I get metagame strats. I'm assuming it's an older build.


Yeah an older build (1.0466) would have way fewer things to do to reach 100% It would literally shave weeks or months off the run I think. that said, in the old versions Shadow achievements count towards the regular achievement count.


I've already got the route planned out for 2.018/2.019 so I'll probably stick to that. I might run the legacy build eventually, but probably not. The shadow achievements wouldn't be too big of a deal, they're a lot easier before the Golden Lump and Shiny Wrinklers ones to get.

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I've thought about it, and I think it's better that I don't do the run. I don't have the best health (and streaming won't make it any better), it'll take over 80 days of active play, it'll take forever for you to watch those 80+ videos to make sure I'm not cheating, people aren't going to watch the stream because it's incredibly boring to watch someone else garden scum.

I appreciate that you were willing to let me do a run, but I shouldn't have suggested it in the first place. It's simply too unrealistic for both of us.

That being said, when all the minigames are out I might consider doing a 100% run if there are a lot more ways to get lumps. But only if my estimated time is less than a week, which isn't likely.


I could do it I just need to be able to record.

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So with the current list of achievements, I think any all achievements run, would need to be timed by real world time, and essentially played casually, timing enforced by making sure sessions were recorded and showed the system time AND a website that shows the official time or something.

That way people could actually have sections of time that they WEREN'T playing the game, and be able to use the offline production and actually be able to complete this with a sane amount of active playtime. offline production would be pretty easy to verify by knowing their ascension upgrades, how long they were offline for, and what their CPS is

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Thats INSANE and would probably take over 24 hours to do ill do the math for it later but that is ONLY possible if you have fingers of the HULK or if you drag click.


omg I'm to lazy to even spend more than an hour on a speedrun, how long would this take 5 days?

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i mean you need to ascend
You can't get true neverclick and speed baking ||| in the same run

and what about the debug Upgrades


true, how'd you get Neverclick and True neverclick in the same run?