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Hiya! So I'm making this thread because there are some changes that I put in the rules and leaderboards for most games except Dodonpachi (I'm not a moderator for that game). The old thread that I made like a year ago was irrelevant so there is something I think you guys should look at the changes.

Anyway, I separate Continue (you can use continues in a run (putting more coins if using Arcade is okay because of getting more continues) and 1cc (no continues basically) apart just so anyone who can't get a 1cc run will put their run as Continue run instead. I saw some runners that were able to have 1cc runs though.

Since I got Mushihimesama and Dodonpachi DaiFukkatsu on PC, I was able to look at the two games and thus I add some details for Novice and Arrange. For Novice and Arrange, I put them as misc because Arcade doesn't have them.

I put a rule where you can set lives before starting the game in the option for Mushihimesama (XBOX360/PC) and Dodonpachi DaiFukkatsu (XBOX360/PC). This is for Novice by the way.

I took out the Best Ending category for both Dodonpachi games (it was there like a year ago before I decided to remove them) because I think it's unnecessary to put them in the leaderboards and besides I don't think anyone would be interested to speedrun it.

I probably leave versions alone unless some major things make the game fast not for scoring.

For score runs, I wouldn't let them get submitted because they are pointless for them to be in the leaderboards and they are usually very long for the game to be finished because of getting the highest score as possible.

Overall, for these changes, I think this should be good enough for now. I was able to put the runners time into the right categories while working on changing details for the leaderboards. Please let me know here if there are some questions you are concerned about the changes that I worked


So let me see if i got this clear, a 1cc run is a run of any platform that the game is on that does not use continues? if i am assuming right then i have a lot of runs to do lol and i have not done a continue less run of Mushihimesama Futari in a year or two i don't really remember welp time for me to get to work lol.