So a while ago, I was trying to route this game and I managed to find some skips in the vine ball level

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Alright I'm quickly learning that this skip is really really hard. Charle is the best speedgame of all time

The first and third ones are pretty easy. I think the second one is insanely difficult, and it might just be worth it to do the vine balls on level 2 unless you're insanely consistent.


Yeah, the third one isn't that hard but the first and second ones are quite difficult. It is technically possible to skip the 4th one as well but that's super hard and the door won't open if you do that so it's completely useless. The door will open if you do the fourth one normally.


This is sick, so glad we have actual skips now


I found some as well (including the level 3 skips, that I didn't know were discovered already). I got footage of skipping the final puzzle of level 3, but it's still far form viable in RTA.

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