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In the youtube comments of his new any% OOB wr, cros107 said (about the overworld):

"I don't get the glitch very often at all, maybe once every half hour? If done perfectly it's possible to save like 20 seconds or something insane if done in the right room, and, without dying in the next room, fall through to jungle. Anyway sometimes I do get all the cats in the overworld, idk it really depends on the run. I like to change it up a lot, but my favourite thing to do in the overworld is go for the cat on the left side of the screen at 0:44 without slowing down."

Just documenting it here for the future.

Anyway, I was definitely not aware that it was possible to fall through to the jungle! Which room do you need to do the glitch in for that? I believe that I have gotten the glitch at least once between every room border in the overworld. When I come back to this in late december, I'd definitely try to go for that, because that would be a huge improvement in the any% wr. I'm not that motivated to go for the any% wr without that because there's very little room for improvement and the main glitch is really annoying for me

Also yeah, I often go for that same cat 😛


I can't remember which room it was tbh, since the last time I got it was my last grind, 7 months ago (possibly even before that) and it might not have actually been jungle, just one of the underground cat village rooms on the way to jungle.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I think there's only one second-layer jungle room, that being the one directly under the final room in the overworld.


Actually, I can't think of any jungle rooms in the second layer, just the three white rooms on the way to the jungle. What are you referring to?

After 7 minutes of mashing my head against the ceiling with big jumps on the border entering the flat room with the cat who says "see ya later!" I was able to get out of bounds and lower myself down, respawning in the flat room in the second layer, the one right before the last white room before the jungle.

We'll have to do more testing to see where it's possible to skip downwards with this, and how long far it's possible to get while staying out of bounds...


Underneath the last overworld room, isn't there a jungle room? I might be wrong but I thought I remember there being one.

Edit: Wait- I think I just fell along the seam of the last 2nd layer room. The room to the right might be empty.


Might as well post this here, thought it was pretty cool. Realised it was possible after rewatching the 100% TAS.

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very cool! I think I tried that for a bit once but never got it, looks very difficult. There’s a another cycle skip that’s barely possible: when you’re entering the factory from the lava and are about to go backwards through the machines, it’s possible to get under the first machine without waiting. This is also pretty difficult though...


I don't think that's even faster, you have to slow down anyway to get above the next one and by the time you've done that it's lost about as much time as waiting at the start. I've gone underneath a couple of times and I always seem to go past the 2nd thing at around the same height.

Oh also, it's possible to get underneath the pillar with the 2 fire bars on the right of the thumbnail with a pixel perfect-ish entry and frame perfect mashing. I've made it around 75% of the way past it but it's incredibly hard, probably not possible RTA.


I think it can be faster, I've managed to go past the 2nd thing earlier with this strategy. Certainly not worth the difficulty though.

Hmmm, did you TAS it or something to see that it's possible? I tried it for a while and also only ever made it 75% or so of the way through.

In other news, I took the record back. submitted the run a few days ago. Since then I've been trying the glitch more, and I finally managed to pull of the glitch first try, so now I think I have all three records 🙂

on the original subject of this thread: I'm not sure what do to when I go OOB in the overworld. I've only tried a couple rooms, but dropping down into the second layer hasn't worked for me. Of course, dying right away still saves at least half a second, but I'm hoping that more is possible. I guess if there really is nothing better, the best thing to do is to keep going to the next room and then die literally right away there.


Damn, look forward to seeing your new record. Might have to actually attempt the strat I used in my blindfolded run now! I haven't tried TASing that shortcut yet, since I haven't been able to get hourglass working. Which rooms have you tried dropping down into? Some of them don't lead to any rooms or to another overworld room, but I've dropped into the tunnel before jungle before.


Also on the original topic on this thread: I just got this.

This is the only time I've ever done this (got OOOB while actually timing it).


My new record is 2:36.233, and doesn't have any new strats or anything. Definitely beatable without new strats, just crisper execution. In fact, I think your current run is slightly faster than mine in the majority of rooms. Here are links to my new runs:


As you can see, I actually go OOB in the overworld in the run before the glitch run, but don't know what to do and flub around and die. The only rooms I've definitely tried are the one I attempt to go down in this video and the one immediately after it (which is why I went back a room in the video). I'll try to drop down into the tunnel next time.


wow, I just went and did it:


(this is a failed run, but holy cow...)


Damn, that's crazy. I always found it a lot harder to go OOB when doing small jumps though, are you having success with it? (apart from that crazy run ofc lol)


Also, while on the topic of insane runs:

Got this yesterday, was almost perfect the entire time, and I didn't do fast fire bar cycle. That strat probably cuts over a second so I think 34 or even 33 is feasible. I've had several runs with the fast fire bar cycle but they all died in crows.

I also tied your 233 but the video quality was kinda bad and the run kinda sucked lol, should get a way better run within a few weeks though.


Nice, almost a second ahead! Wait, the fast fire bar saves almost a second? It seemed like way less than that to me, as long as you're doing the normal strat tightly at least.

I don't think the small jumps are any better; so far I don't really see a difference in success rate depending on jump size. All I do is mash, barely paying any attention in the overworld, and every once in a while it works. I switched from big jumps to small jumps because I didn't want to immediately die after glitching. But I'm currently experimenting, hopefully there's some strategy that can improve the success rate a little bit.

I just got a 0:50.083 any%, without glitches in overworld! https://vimeo.​com/338621029

I think it would take a LOT of grinding to beat this run without a glitch in the overworld. So I'll probably go back to doing no OOB attempts whenever I don't get a glitch in the overworld (i.e., almost every time). I've gotten a lot better at doing the glitch (10% success when really trying, probably) and a fair bit better at the falling part afterwards, so hopefully I can get it eventually.


Damn, amazing time! Looking forward to more crazy any% runs, lol. I really do think you should try to use the faster fire bar cycle, it's hard but you can definitely make it pretty consistent with practice. After around half an hour I managed to get probably 3/4 consistency (starting from the spawn point in the previous room), it's a lot worse in runs but I'm getting there. With a really good run + that cycle I wouldn't be surprised to see a 2:34 soon.


nice 2:35 ! When I come back to this in a couple weeks I probably won't implement that cycle skip right away, since hopefully it will be easier to optimize a couple rooms first (for example it seems pretty doable to reliably do the second-to-last crow room without tapping right). The cycle skip is very cool but I'm still not convinced it saves enough time for it to be worth it for me yet. I'll definitely have my work cut out for me though, since 0.7s is a lot of time to shave off!

I've said this before, but you should really get some times put up on the other categories! Just so that the leaderboards are stronger, and there are more runs for people just starting out to watch/compare to or something. In other news it seems like there's been a surge in cat-planet-speedrunning activity: a total of 8 distinct people have submitted a run in the last two months! Sounds like there was some speedrunning in the SGDQ practice room or something, which is great


I've been working a lot on 100% lately, but I'm not very consistent yet. I've made a few 4:30s but am having trouble with the consistency to get anything below that. And yeah it's awesome that so many new people are playing the game!