Arcade - 1 Player, Very Easy in 16m 03s by manticor5manticor5 (Obsolete)

Major run, and almost getting sub 16, but I wasn't able to keep the infinite combos for the boss Blood. The sum of best segments is also a good goal: 12:40

Played on Arcade [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by manticor5manticor5 on

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Name Duration Finished at
Stage 1 - Dolg 0m 37s 724ms 0m 37s
Stage 2 - Shtrom Jr. 1m 30s 188ms 2m 07s
Stage 3 - Yamato 1m 44s 816ms 3m 52s
Stage 4 - Monster 1m 28s 329ms 5m 21s
Stage 5 - Dr. Tea Water 1m 09s 186ms 6m 30s
Stage 6 - Shtrom, Druk 2m 17s 589ms 8m 47s
Stage 7 - Blood 2m 42s 891ms 11m 30s
Stage 8 - Doppel 2m 38s 285ms 14m 09s
Stage 9 Final - Scumocide 1m 54s 907ms 16m 03s
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