Big "Bust-A-Move 2"-Stream?
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Big "Bust-A-Move 2"-Stream?
Lower Saxony, Germany

(Sorry for my bad english)

GERMAN: Ich möchte euch fragen, ob ihr Interesse an einem "Bust-A-Move 2"-Stream habt. Also, dass wir ein Event veranstalten, in welchen wir ein kleines Tunier machen. Was haltet ihr von der Idee? (Natürlich wird dann in dem Stream Englisch gesprochen.)

ENGLISH: I would like to ask you if you are interested in a "Bust-A-Move 2"-stream. I mean, we make a tournament where we can battle against each other. What do you think about this idea? (Of course, we will speak English in the livestream)

Thank you for your attention ^_^

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Texas, USA

While I think that would be fun, I think one of the big issues with this is playing online; RNG can easily get out of sync if you have two players playing over the internet, due to latency and lag issues.

Personally I think it would be fun to do some races of BAM2 (or any of the BAM games) but we need more people who stream before we can feasibly do that. Considering this is a speedrun website, competing each other in the form of racing I think is a bit more along the lines of what fits here.

(Could just be me, but speed strats for versus mode and actual human v. human versus mode strats vary a lot and they don't translate well between one another)

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California, USA

I am. I'll be interested for the Bust-A-Move stream. At least I hope, and I'm glad some say.... "Tournament"