100% Category interest?
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100% Category interest?
Wisconsin, USA

Just throwing an idea out and looking for feedback. The any% run of this game includes a huge number of level skips, and I'm wondering if there is (a) any interest in a 100% / all levels category, and (b) what the banned items and rules would be for that category.

My initial thought would be that the 100% run would require all enemies to be manually destroyed in all 80 levels. This would ban the use of the umbrella (3 level warp), star rod (major boss warp), trophy (automatically clears enemies/level), and gate (bonus room warp) items. Any I'm missing? Or should trophy and bonus gate be allowed, as you have to at least play part of a level to get those items (although the enemies on those levels would not be manually cleared)? Whatever the banned list would be it would be fine if any of these items spawn, they just can't be picked up. Special bubbles in the levels (water/lightning/fire/star bubbles) could still be used.

If there's any interest and opinion on the proposed 100% run, I'll set up a category for it.

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Orlando, FL, USA

If this was a category, id just remove umbrellas and star rods. I dont remember if theres an item that clears one screen or not, but i wouldnt see that being an issue.

Wisconsin, USA

Yeah, that makes sense. Might call the category 'Warpless' in that case just cuz that's a better description. The trophy doesn't warp you, just kills everything on screen. And the bonus gate would be a huge time loss as you'd have to do a mini-game instead of the level, so not really practical.

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Wisconsin, USA

I've added a Warpless category...have at it! GLHF!

Orlando, FL, USA

show us how it's done Mr. Jaek!!! lol..

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