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Why is turbo allowed for this game when literally every other NES game doesn't not allow it? Because you don't want to mash during the space section?

Turbo is not allowed in other games because it gives an unfair advantage against people that don't have turbo. Not sure why this board is different.

I have thought about running this game, but I probably won't because using turbo goes against the spirit of speedrunning. If you can't handle the mashing then you probably shouldn't run the game imo.

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Dear WhiteHat94, we play with the turbo because only with it we can show the best time, and the spirit of speedrun specifically in this game is saved precisely with the turbo, a lot of tricks are done with its help and without them the game will sadly crawl. So considering that the fact that not much people are interested in this game, we did not make this restriction and are trying to show the best possible time. If this game is valid for you, and you want to speedrun it without a turbo, we propose to create a category where turbo doesn't allow. Thank you for your interest.


edit: but honestly in the vast majority opinion for the entirety of this console, everything done in a run should be possible on the console's native controller.

turbo is not native to an NES controller and thus, is unallowed. Any run for an NES game that uses turbo is ignored by the proper community and this board (as of this statement) is illegitimate

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