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I'm changing moderation over to some well-known community members with knowledge of the game.

This board is pretty heavily out of step with the rest of the site NES games. The standard category uses turbo, which almost all games ban, and the category organization isn't particularly good. Putting 3 games on 3 different consoles under the same umbrella and splitting by console probably isn't ideal for this game.

The site does not specifically standardize these things, but we're looking at coming up with some basic expectations for NES games. The wider NES speedrun community wants to implement some basic expectations for NES games on the site so that all users can use all boards, as opposed to having the board supporting the ideals of whoever happened to request it first.
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Request to reject speedrun Koh1fds from leaderboard for using turbo.
And why in the moderators sit those who do not know this game properly?
Yesterday so called russian community blame me again. So i decide to leave.