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Hey everyone, I've been reading up on the forum posts, and I agree we need some new categories. So on this thread I would like to know the community's ideas for some good categories? Sorry this didn't happen sooner, and thank you for your patience.


1. All Special Missions
2. Each track on all difficulties
3. Rank 30/40/(other ranks)
4. REMOVING the "Full Game" leader board as no one is going to speed run it (it would take way too long)

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I'm planning to run the full game leaderboard.


Hey, I am thinking that I might like to do the full game, but I was also thinking that it might be interesting to see a category for all tracks of a difficulty level. That would give a step between a single level and full beginner to hard.


Full-game speedruns shouldn't be a thing for a game that is constantly getting tweeked and new maps added to it.

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