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Are there any attempts or plans to attempt a run with all medals on every track?

  Super ModVal

No one would run that, also they're gonna add more tracks so we'd have to keep changing it. I'm not against us adding more "full run" boards but I don't think that one would be a good one because of how long it would be.


If they stopped making maps for BTD5 I would be down to run all easy or something like that. But all medals would be death itself.

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  Super ModVal

I ran all easy, took over 5 hours.

  Super ModBazralian

What we could do is set only certain tracks or a certain number of medals.

  Super ModVal

Or a certain number of each from each track difficulty

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I've made 100% splits once before, map-by-map. You could probably find the splits if you search up on the Discord server "from: Angela#5207 has:file". It takes like 2 minutes to scroll from the top to the bottom. It doesn't have all the maps because of updates. It would be a long run, trust me. Unless you're crazy, I don't think anyone is going to do a run of it. It would probably be longer than Baten Kaitos 100%, though, probably (WR on there is 342 hours).

Due to stuff that apparently happened in the past, the splits file has been removed from the Discord, so that means it's basically gone. Not going to recreate it.


Any update(s) on if a type of full run leaderboard(s) will appear soon, if at all?