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It should be evedent by now to all the this games major categories will not be run as they are too long and involve not enough skill. My recommendation will be to add some or all of these has the majory categories and move the current ones to misc categories:

1.) 3 Missions: This is short and sweet and it will involve actual routing. One would pick what they would see as the fastest three different missions and beat them. There are currently 10 missions and they all vary in difficulty and length.

2.) 5 Missions: Same as 3 Missions but with half the available missions. It would be slightly longer and more challenging but runs the risk of being to long and no one would do it.

3.) Extreme Maps: Beat all the extreme maps on easy (Tar Pits, Main Street, Bloontonium Lab). These are the Hardest maps and there is only three of them. It would be short but still provide a challenge.

These are more likely to be run so I hope the moderators take these into consideration. Another thing which needs to be added is the ability to submit coop runs as those could be a thing.

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I will bring it up with the other moderators, but I agree with you completely. At the time we created these leaderboards we had no idea it would become this popular, so we kinda just set up place holder categories and focused on the level runs.

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