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So I’ve calculated that each load screen takes 20 seconds, and if you have the lazuras material before the run you would have a total of 4:40 minutes of just loading. So with that in mind wouldn’t the WR be changed? Correct me if I’m wrong because I am running this game and wouldn’t want to piss off the moderators.


Hi, so loads arent always 20 seconds, depending on what level is being loaded, the load time itself can vary quite a bit. Load time will also vary based on what system (console/pc) someone is using and it can even vary from console to console, pc to pc. In addition, people make saves/loads and quicksaves/quickloads throughout their run and this will add to the load time as well.

Also, don't worry about messing something up and pissing a mod off. We are here to help, you will never get in trouble or banned for making one small mistake.