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Hi guys,

As the title says, i'd like to know if there is any known glitches in the latest version. I am actually training on the run of Broforce, but so far i haven't found any skip or whatever, only improving my path through the levels.

Any help is welcome.


Hi !

The only one i can see is the one that allows you to beat the rail fortress very quickly.

Using the zipline, you can go throught the wall of the fortress and stop inside without destroying any part of the fortress. Once you're inside, you can easily destroy the monitor and end the level.

I also today beat the second phase of Satan (the one using a lot of fire) instantanatly, i think a rock fall on his head and it one shoted him. I also had a few bugs on satan's second form (seeing him do nothing) but i don t know yet what started it...


There are many glitches ... some are random "or not" Ex: propane tanks tipping over and doing a 180 or 360 in some cases. Possibly only specific tanks though. And others you can trigger willfully . Ex: Pig Flight. Some you need to time just right and are bro specific Ex: jumping out of an explosion with Cherry Broling and flying higher and faster than you can imagine. Or reviving yourself on death with Universal Bro. Some have been patched during the updates. Ex: infinite firewall ... i'm not going to list all of my strategies here but you will soon see them put to work in my own speedrun . All I can say is read the patch notes and study your bros. The RNG involved in the random bro alone keeps the runs "instinctual and skill based" also some support crates change Ex: one time it's a mechdrop and next time it's an ammo crate and I also noticed even some mobs are RNG Ex: sometimes it's 2 machine gunner mooks and then next time it's 1 machine gunner and a dynamite mook. which can change the overall strategy. This makes intense and very interesting speedruns.