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Hey guys, first time poster here. I found a few new tricks recently that I don't think anyone else has found yet.

First, by using the sentinel, you can skip the boss cutscene and kill GR666 in approximately 30 seconds:

Second, on level 15 (arcade mode, also works in the campaign mode), you can shoot through the wall and jump out of bounds, falling to the end of the level:



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Dude that GR666 quick kill is sick 😃
Also how precise is the OoB clip ? Seems like it took you a few tries, do you need to do a ceiling jump to get out ?
Regardless those are both really helpful thanks !

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It's a ceiling jump (didn't know what to call it in the video). It's not ¤too¤ precise because I can pull it off pretty consistently with other bros.

The very last block on the left needs to be destroyed and the adjacent block (the one you ceiling jump off of) needs to be there so you can jump out of bounds. I'll upload another vid tomorrow night showing the different bros. Some are harder to pull off than others but it can still be done.

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Oh hey, it's two of the things that I have consistency issues with, essentially solved. I like.


Hey guys, here's the video.
Bro Lee can actually go out of bounds simply by doing a directional attack (no ceiling jump required).
It's possible to do this trick with Indiana Brones and McBrover, but it takes awhile to break through the wall because of their attacks.

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i have been doing the GR666 cutscene skip for months. Never thought of that way to kill him.