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While running today we discovered a cool bug showcased in this video:

We don't think this will be used in any runs but it may come in handy sometime. We thought it was really funny.


I managed to replicate this in single player - it can be done when there's a drop next to the spike you revive on. I used to think reviving with Broniversal Soldier while on a spike was effectively a soft-lock and you had to restart the level, so this is cool.

This trick can be used to do level 59 quickly and consistently with Broniversal Solider, if you happen to get him. Not very likely in a run, but it just makes being able to do level 59 quickly a bit more likely (by my count there's now at least 8 bros who can do that jump consistently). Here's a video showcasing it:


Hey Guys,
I accidentally discovered this bug in the last Satan fight while trying to kill myself 😃

this seems to work with every bro, however I am not sure if it is keyboard exclusive or not.

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Oh wow, I can confirm this does work with controller, D-pad or analog stick. Makes that fight a lot easier.

For anyone else reading this, since it took me a few tries to figure out what's happening in the video - the trick is to be jumping upward (if you're falling it won't work) into the oncoming laser while holding 'up'. It's very easy to pull off.


Alright, I just found a really dumb bug which coincidentally is a quick kill for Sky Fortress

This makes no sense to me.
All you have to do is repeatedly press the "Space"-key on your keyboard in the Last phase of the fight.
This works with any Bro.
The key does not even have to be bound to anything, it is pure coincidence that it is the same key as jump.

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